Targeting your primary demographic at the lowest cost per thousand... The goal of every advertiser! offers just that... A means of reaching the motoring public in a cost-efficient manner. Our fleet of all-new or late-model trailers travel coast-to-coast, spreading your message from coast to coast. Our transports travel through every state in the nation.

Your ad on our trucks COMMAND attention! Adding a Transport Billboard to your media campaign will significantly increase product awareness and Sales.

With, you can feel confident of partnering with a reputable, safe trucking company with well maintained trucks and trailers and a top-notch marketing team. Our marketing team will assist you throughout the entire process - from purchase and design, to the actual application of the graphics.

Imagine this, 53 feet of high-visability graphics... YOUR NAME, YOUR PRODUCT rolling down a crowded interstate or city street.

Following Times In
Light-Moderate Traffic
Average Speed
Average Following Time
  Under 15 mph
82 Seconds
  15 to 25 mph
68 Seconds
  25 to 35 mph
63 Seconds
  35 to 45 mph
72 Seconds
  45 to 55 mph
27 Seconds

Summary of Following Times
by Road Type
Road Type
Average Following Time
  Interstate - Suburban
46 Seconds
  Interstate - Urban
81 Seconds
  Toll Roads (Rural)
20 Seconds
  Suburban Multi-Lane
55 Seconds

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